Adams Camp Project

Adams Camp Trail System Master Plan 

Stowe, Vermont 

Client: Tom Jackman, Town Planner; Town of Stowe

Project: Trail Layout and Trailhead Design

Project Credits: Jim Donovan, PLA, FASLA, Project Manager; Southwest Trail Solutions, Mountain Bike Planning

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The Town of Stowe, in conjunction with the Stowe Land Trust, acquired the development rights to the Adams Camp parcel, along with the right of recreational access. The parcel is part of the Trapp Family Lodge properties, which itself is part of the larger Stowe Ride Center, a multi-property mountain bike trail system in the hills west and south of Stowe Village. The Town of Stowe contracted with the design team led by Broadreach Planning & Design to prepare a plan for a minimum of five miles of mountain bike trails on the Adams Camp Parcel. The work also included conceptual plans for three trailhead access points to the property.

After an extensive analysis of the existing natural resources on the site and discussions with local and state regulators, the Broadreach Planning & Design team spent over a week on the site, using hand-held GPS hardware to layout and map potential new trails. They finalized the layouts after the project’s Advisory Committee joined them in the field to hike and review the proposed trails. The Broadreach Planning & Design team’s work yielded an interconnected system of trails over six miles in length, providing use opportunities for beginning, intermediate and experienced mountain bike riders. After completing the trail layout plans, Jim developed plans for the two trailhead areas while the rest of the team focused on preparing a simple trail signage system that could eventually be expanded for use through the entire Stowe Ride Center.

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Adams Camp1 Adams Camp2 Adams Camp3