Barre Shared Use Path

Barre City/Barre Town Shared Use Path Conceptual Alignment Study 

Barre, Vermont 

Client: The Ventral Vermont Regional Planning Commission, the City of Barre & the Town of Barre 

Project: Planning and Feasibility Analysis 

Project Credits: Broadreach Planning & Design, Project Lead – Jim Donovan, FASLA, Project Manager; Lamoureux & Dickinson, Traffic Engineering; Heritage Landscapes, LLC, Historic Resources; UVM Consulting Archeology Program – Archeological Resources 

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Description: The City and Town of Barre, with the support of the Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission initiated this study to find the most appropriate route for linking the City and the Town and existing shared use paths in each. Broadreach Planning & Design (BRPD) led a team that examined a multitude of potential on and off road alignments and eventually developed a set of recommendations that included portions of each to link the communities.

The BRPD team worked closely with a steering committee that included representatives from both municipalities. The team also conducted an extensive set of public involvement work sessions, including Saturday sessions and special group discussions.

The final recommendations included recommendations for improving several roadways and intersections for easier bicycle and pedestrian movement as well as several stretches of new, shared use paths. The final alignment included several links to neighborhoods and schools. It was then broken into numerous segments that could each be developed as independent sections that would be a useful addition to the community until the entire set of segments could be completed to create the full link.

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Barre1 Barre2