Bridge Street Bicycle & Pedestrian Feasibility Study

Bridge Street 

Bicycle & Pedestrian Feasibility Study 

Richmond, Vermont 

Client: The Town of Richmond 

Project: Planning and Feasibility Analysis 

Project Credits: Broadreach Planning & Design, Project Lead – Jim Donovan, FASLA, Project Manager; Lamoureux & Dickinson, Traffic Engineering; Heritage Landscapes, LLC, Historic Resources; UVM Consulting Archeology Program – Archeological Resources 

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Description: The Town of Richmond initiated the Bridge Street Bicycle and Pedestrian Feasibility Study to find the most appropriate ways of improving pedestrian and bicyclist mobility in the Richmond Village area between the center of the Village and the Round Church Green to the south. The closing of the Bridge Street Bridge for reconstruction dramatically highlighted the importance of non-motorized travel to the south of the Village.

Broadreach Planning & Design (BRPD) led a team that examined numerous on and off road options for improving conditions for bicyclists and pedestrians. Working with a very active Project Advisory Committee, BRPD used an intensive, project team work session to develop and analyze over twenty different options, including expanding paved shoulders, adding or improving sidewalk, upgrading an existing off road pedestrian path, adding a new pedestrian bridge over the river, and adding numerous additional crosswalks and other linkages, as well as additional signage and pedestrian and bicycle amenities. The use of the concentrated work session also shortened the overall time it took to complete the Study.

BRPD coordinated their work with other related studies already completed for the Village area, including a roadway parking study, a streetscape study and recommendations for bicycle and pedestrian improvements in and north of the Village center. They also assisted in presenting the work to the Town of Richmond Selectboard, which endorsed the project and began work on implementation.

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