IMG_5239The Colbyville Pedestrian-Bicycle Scoping Study examined the most appropriate ways to create better walking and bicycling conditions in Colbyville.  It focused on Route 100 between the Stowe Street/Blush Hill Road intersection north along Route 100 to the intersection with Crossroad and Laurel Lane, in the Village and Town of Waterbury, Vermont.  It is also looked at linking Route 100 with the end of the sidewalk on Stowe Street, which leads downhill to the center of Waterbury Village.  This study recommends of a potential route of a sidewalk along Route 100 in the Study Area, as well as other possible sidewalks and off-road improvements for walkers and bicyclists.  The purpose of the project was to identify the most appropriate ways to improve walking and bicycling conditions along or near Route 100 in Colbyville for better pedestrian connections from the existing or planned residences and hotels in Colbyville and along Stowe Street to the nearby businesses and services along Route 100.

The Final Report outlines the recommendations as well as provides background information on existing conditions and the alternatives that were considered during the process.

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