IMG_5239is study is examining the most appropriate ways to create better walking and bicycling conditions in Colbyville.  It focuses on Route 100 between the Stowe Street/Blush Hill Road intersection north along Route 100 to the intersection with Crossroad and Laurel Lane, in the Village and Town of Waterbury, Vermont.  It is also looking at linking Route 100 with the end of the sidewalk on Stowe Street, which leads downhill to the center of Waterbury Village.  The Town and Village of Waterbury anticipate that the result of this study will be the recommendation of a potential route of one or more sidewalks in the Study Area, as well as for possible on- or off-road improvements for bicycling.  The purpose of the project is to improve walking and bicycling conditions along or near Route 100 in Colbyville to provide better pedestrian connections from the existing or planned residences and hotels in Colbyville and along Stowe Street to the nearby businesses and services along Route 100 and to provide distinct, separated facilities for bicycling, as possible.

The Town will hold the second public work session for this project on March 9, 2017 at 7 PM in the Town Offices at 28 N Main Street in Waterbury Village.  BRPD will present the alternatives that they developed with the steering committee.  The Alternatives report describes, analyzes and compares the different alternatives.  To review a copy of the Alternative Report, CLICK HERE. .

The first part of the project was a close examination of existing conditions in the Study Area.  To review the draft Existing Conditions Report, CLICK HERE.  To take a look at the Attachments for the Existing Conditions Report, CLICK HERE.