East Montpelier Intersection Study

IMG_20170830_161308059 This study is examining the most appropriate ways to increase safety for motorist, bicyclists, and walkers at the intersection of Gallison Hill Road and Brazier Road with Towne Hill Road in the Town of East Montpelier, Vermont.  The project is being funded and supported by the Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission.  The first phase of the study was the examination of existing conditions.  Broadreach Planning & Design has been assisting Lamoureux & Dickinson in this project and has developed an existing conditions report that highlights the current situation in and around the intersection.  The second phase was the development of alternatives that address the purpose and need of the project.  A summary of the alternatives under consideration is available for review.  It also lists all of the alternatives initially considered and highlights the reasons that many of them were eliminated from further consideration during the analysis process.  The Town has now selected a a set of recommendations for the intersection.  They will review them at a public work session on November 20, 2017 at 6:30 PM during the Selectboard Meeting in the Town Offices.  Broadreach Planning & Design worked with the Town and Lamoureux & Dickinson to prepare a draft final report for the project, which includes the recommendations.

To download a copy of the draft final report, CLICK HERE.

To download a copy of the alternatives summary, CLICK HERE.

To download the Existing Conditions Report, CLICK HERE.