Fairfield Vermont Sidewalk Scoping Study

Sidewalk Scoping Study 

Fairfield, Vermont 

Client: The Town of Fairfield, Vermont 

Project: Enhancement Grant Sidewalk Study 

Project Credits: Jim Donovan, Project Manager, BRPD; 

EIV Technical Services; Heritage Landscapes LLC 

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Description: This Study explored the feasibility of providing sidewalks or other improvements to make walking easier in the two villages within the Town of Fairfield. Broadreach Planning & Design’s (BRPD) work followed the standard State of Vermont scope of work for bicycle and pedestrian studies and included extensive involvement of the Community in the development of the recommendations. The work was directed by a local steering committee that participating extensively in the BRPD Team’s work.

Several challenges that the project addressed included steep slopes along the sides of the roadway, limited right-of-way, existing underground an above ground utilities, and limited ongoing maintenance funds. Each Village also had its own character and the location and alignment of sidewalks needed to be carefully planned to maintain these distinctive communities. To help the community understand how the proposed sidewalks would look, the BRPD team developed a photo-simulation for each Village.

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fairfield with simulation1 fairfield with simulation2 fairfield with simulation3