Killington Avenue Sidewalk Extension


This study is examining the most appropriate ways to create a complete sidewalk on at least one side of Killington Avenue between S. Main Street and Stratton Road.  The Study Area is along Killington Avenue in Rutland City from Stratton Road on the East to just east of Lafayette Street on the west.   The current sidewalks on Killington Avenue extend east from S. Main Street to just west of Lafayette Street.  They resume one lot east of Lafayette Street on the north side of Killington Avenue and stop just west of Butterfly Avenue.  There is also a shorter, isolated section of sidewalk on the south side of Killington Avenue between Lafayette Street and Butterfly Avenue.  There are no sidewalks east of Butterfly Avenue on either side of Killington Avenue.  The City organized a Steering Committee of local elected officials, citizens, and City and regional planning commission staff to provide direction for the study.  The City selected a consulting team consisting of Broadreach Planning & Design (lead firm), Lamoureux & Dickinson, Heritage Landscapes LLC and the University of Vermont Consulting Archeology Program to assist them with the project.


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