Lincoln Vermont Bicycle/Pedestrian Planning & Feasibility Study

Bicycle/Pedestrian Planning & Feasibility Study 

Lincoln, Vermont 

Client: The Addison County Regional Planning Commission 

Project: Planning and Feasibility Analysis 

Project Credits: Broadreach Planning & Design, Project Lead – Jim Donovan, FASLA, Project Manager; Lamoureux & Dickinson, Traffic Engineering; Heritage Landscapes, LLC, Historic Resources; 

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Description: The pedestrian and bicycle connection between the Lincoln Community School and the Town recreation fields, where students play organized sports, is along East River Road, which is narrow and lacks sidewalks of shoulders for much of its length. Broadreach Planning & Design (BRPD)led a team that explored methods of improving bicycle and pedestrian conditions between the school and the Village Center, where the fields are located, as well as between the school and the Town Forest in the opposite direction, which the school uses for classroom activities. A narrow, aging bridge for which plans are in the initial stages of development, lies between the school and the Village Center.

The BRPD team considered improvements as basic as wider shoulders along the road to an off-road path that avoids the need to use the old bridge to cross the New Haven River. The Town was very concerned about the overall maintenance costs for the recommended improvements and this concern was used as one of the criteria in evaluating the alternatives.

BRPD, in conjunction with the Town, conducted an extensive public involvement process which included individual visits with land owners along the road, to several school assemblies to discuss the project and get student input. The recommendation of this project included wider shoulders, new mountain bike trails and width and location recommendations for pedestrian and bicycle facilities for the replacement bridge on East River Road.

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