Main Street Sidewalk Extension, Essex Junction, VT

entry sign Broadreach Planning & Design is working with the Village of Essex Junction to explore the most appropriate ways to create a complete sidewalk on the west side of Main Street between Educational Drive and Athens Drive in the Village of Essex Junction.  They are being assisted by Lamoureux & Dickinson Consulting Engineers, Heritage Landscapes, LLC, and the University of Vermont Consulting Archaeology Program. The purpose of the extension of sidewalks northeast on Main Street from Educational Drive is to provide better connections to the Essex High School and to the residents on the northwest side of Main Street northeast of Educational Drive. After reviewing the existing conditions, the Steering Committee with help from Broadreach Planning & Design and Lamoureux & Dickinson, developed a set of alternatives for public review and selection.  At a public work session, local residents helped select the preferred alignment of the sidewalk.  Now a draft final report is ready for one last review before it is completed.

To take a look at the final report for the Main Street Sidewalk Extension on Main Street, CLICK HERE.

To take a look at the appendices for the final report, CLICK HERE.