Montpelier in Motion

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Montpelier in Motion is the pedestrian and bicycle plan for the City of Montpelier, Vermont.  The City has developed this plan to serve as a guide for future actions to make bicycling and walking more visible, easier, and more widely undertake by residents and employees.  The plan covers future roadway and sidewalk improvements along with City policies regarding roadway and sidewalk maintenance, walking and bicycling education and encouragement, and local and state bicycling, walking and driving law enforcement.  The plan contains overall walking and bicycling goals that the City hopes to reach as well as methods of evaluating progress towards attaining them.   To develop Montpelier in Motion, the City organized a Steering Committee of local elected officials, citizens, members of the City’s Pedestrian and Bicycling Advisory Committees, and City and regional planning commission staff.  After circulating a Request for Proposals, the City selected a consulting team consisting of Broadreach Planning & Design,  RSG, Inc. (the BRPD Team) to assist them with the project.  The Steering Committee worked tirelessly to examine existing conditions, develop a huge number of alternatives, refined them, presented the options to the public, selected the most appropriate alternatives for inclusion in the plan, and then created the final plan, all with the help of Broadreach Planning & Design, assisted by RSG.  The City Council accepted the final report in June, 2015.

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