Post Road Sidewalk Extension Rutland Town

The Town of Rutland is exploring ways to provide better walking and bicycling access between the Rutland Town School and Northwood park, approximately 1.1  miles further east on the Post Road.  The Town organized a Steering Committee of local officials, residents and parents of students at the school to provide direction for the study.  The Town is being assisted by a consulting team led by Broadreach Planning & Design with assistance from RSG Inc, Heritage Landscapes LLC and the University of Vermont Consulting Archeology Program (the BRPD Team).


The Study Area for this project extends from the Rutland Town School in the southwest to Northwood Park in the northeast, and south to Post Road and north to the Green Mountain Power water line.  Figure A-1 in the existing conditions summary shows the location of the project and the general extent of the Study Area.  Figure A-2 in the existing conditions summary shows the Study Area in more detail.


To view a copy of the Final Report, Click Here.