Fayston School Travel Plan Implementation

The Town of Fayston is exploring the best way to implement the recommendations for sidewalks and crosswalk in the recently completed Travel Plan for Fayston School.   The Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission has been able to assist with funding for the study.   With the assistance of the Town, the CVRPC organized a Steering Committee (SC) of local officials, residents and parents of students at the school to provide direction for the study.  The CVRPC solicited proposals for a Consulting Team to provide technical assistance for the study.  The team they selected is led Broadreach Planning & Design with assistance from Toole Design Group and Heritage Landscapes LLC.


The Study Area for this project includes the parking areas on the campus as well as German Flats Road in front of the school and the Outdoor Classroom site on the south side of the road.


The Consulting Team has worked with teh Steering Committee to so far do an analysis of existing conditions around the School.


Click here to get a copy of the first draft of the final report.

Click here to get a copy of the existing conditions report. (Appendix A).

Click here to get a copy of the alternatives report. (Appendix B)