Plainfield Lower Village Traffic Calming Feasibility Study


Vehicles traveling at excessive speeds have been a continual problem in Plainfield’s Lower Village.  The roads leading into the Village all travel downhill to reach it, some at fairly steep slopes.  This is one of the factors that prompts drivers to routinely exceed posted speed limits.  The Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission (CVRPC) has provided funds for the Town to complete a comprehensive study of the most appropriate mix of traffic calming features in the Lower Village.  Traffic calming features are physical changes, both large and small, that induce drivers to drive more slowly.  The CVRPC staff is assisting the Town with the project management duties for this CAA.

The Town organized a Steering Committee (SC) of local officials and citizens to provide direction for the study.  A consultant team led by Broadreach Planning & Design and supported by Stantec Consulting Services and EIV Technical Services is helping the Town with the Study (the BRPD Team).

The purpose of the traffic calming is to create physical modifications to the roadway in and leading to Plainfield Lower Village to induce lower travel speeds for motor vehicles traveling the roadway.

 The primary focus of the study is the group of four main streets in the Lower Village:

  • Main  Street,
  • Creamery Street
  • Brook Road, and
  • Mill Street.

For a copy of the draft Final Report – 9-12-13, CLICK HERE.

For a copy of Appendix B: Traffic Calming Alternatives Summary, click here.