Route 15 Bus Route Bus Stop Study

As part of the development of alternate transportation improvements to the Circumferential Highway, the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission (CCRPC) and the Chittenden County Transportation Authority are planning for the addition of a commuter bus line between Jeffersonville and Burlington along Vermont Route 15 (Route 15).  This study focuses on locating viable locations for park and ride/bus stop sites along the corridor.   The CCRPC organized a study Advisory Committee (AC) with representatives of each of the towns and the two regional planning commissions involved with the project as well as a representative from the the Chittenden County Transportation Authority (CCTA).  The CCRPC requested that a Consulting Team lead by Lamoureux & Dickinson with support from Broadreach Planning & Design to assist the AC in the completion of the project.


The CCTA is hoping to start the Route 15 commuter bus service near the end of August or the start of September 2013.  They are currently planning the timing and logistics of the route.


The Study Area for this project extends along Route 15 in the west from the Essex Town Center to Jeffersonville in the east.


To review the second draft of the final report, click here

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The Route 15 Park & Ride/Bus Stop Study: Existing Conditions & Potential Sites 6-18-13

Table 1b – Initial Jericho Sites

Table 1c – Initial Underhill Flats Sites

Figure B: Essex West

Figure C: Essex East

Figure D: Jericho

Figure E: Underhill Flats

Figure F: Cambridge Village

Figure G: Jeffersonville

Figure H: Topography

Attachment 1: Jericho Park-and-Ride Study 2012

To see the presentation made at the Jericho Public Work Session #1 on June 24, 2013, CLICK HERE.