Route 2 Richmond Bike/Ped Scoping Study

The Town of Richmond has long contemplated a better bicycle and pedestrian link between RichmondVillage and the Richmond Park & Ride on Route 2 close to Interstate 89 Exit 11.  The Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission (CCRPC) has been able to assist with funding to study the feasibility of creating such a connection.  The CCRPC staff is providing project management on behalf of the Town of Richmond.


With the assistance of the Town of Richmond (the Town), the CCRPC organized a Steering Committee (SC) of local officials and citizens to provide direction for the study.  The CCRPC selected a Consulting Team (CT) from their list of on-call consultants to help them with the feasibility study; the team is led by Stantec Consulting Service and supported by Broadreach Planning & Design and Heritage Landscapes LLC.


The Study Area for this project extends in the east from the center of Richmond Village and Bridge Street west to the Route 2 Checkered House Bridge over the Winooski River and from the southern edge of the Interstate right-of-way on the north to the Winooski River on the south.


The Steering Committee for the project, after reconsidering the alternatives due to the railroad’s reluctance to grant an easement needed to implement the initial preferred alternative, has decided to keep the preferred alternative and continue to seek an easement from the Railroad.  To review the final report, please click on the links below.

To see the main text and figures of the final report, Click Here.

To see an early draft of Appendix A – Existing Conditions – Click Here.

To see an early draft of Appendix B – Alternatives Analysis – Click Here.

To see a schematic layout of the preferred alignment – Click Here.