Route 22A Corridor Study

Route 22A Corridor Study 

Fairhaven, West Haven, Benson & Orwell, Vermont 

Client: The Rutland Regional Planning Commission 

Project: Corridor Management Plan 

Project Credits: Stantec, Traffic Engineering 


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Description: The Route 22A Corridor Study provides the four towns along its way, the Rutland and Addison County Regional Planning Commission (RRPC and ACRPC) and Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans) with a guide on how to manage the roadway into the future. Broadreach Planning & Design (BRPD), working with Stantec as a subconsultant, worked with a steering committee consisting of representatives of the Towns, RRPC, ACRPC and VTrans to closely examine existing conditions and issues, look at future development projections, and develop management options that addressed the issues and preserved the overall rural, scenic character of this well travelled road. During the course of the work, The BRPD Team authored four interim task summaries that helped the steering committee stayed closely involved with the work process. The task summaries included among other things:

 Very detailed analysis of crash data to understand the specific reasons and establish patterns for the crashes that could be addressed in the management plan,

 Traffic projections 20 years into the future that take into account future development in the region,

 Numerous methods of slowing traffic along the entire length of the roadway and in particular at critical intersections,

 Recommendations for extensive upgrades to the overall structure of the road but with only minimal widening for safety purposes,

 Recommendations for preserving the numerous distant views across the Vermont and New York countryside that help attractive tourist and their business to the area,

 Conservation measures to minimize conflicts between motor vehicles and wildlife crossing the road,

 Suggestions for future cooperative work between the communities and methods for implementing the recommendations of the report.

The recommendations in the final report have been accepted by the regional planning commissions and the towns. As a result of the cooperative work done in the steering committee the four towns involved in the study are planning to work together in the future to get the recommendations implemented

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