Rutland Creek Path Segment 5 Scoping Study


The City of Rutland has been working to realize the Rutland Creek Path for over 10 years.  Earlier sections of the Creek Path are in various stages of development or already installed.  The City recently received funding through the State of Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans) to undertake a scoping study of Segment 5, the southernmost segment in the overall Rutland Creek Path Master Plan.  This section picks up at the end of Segment 4, at the Dorr Drive Bridge over Otter Creek and extends west close to Dorr Drive to the College of St. Joseph and possibly to the Ripley Road bridge over the creek near the city line.

The City organized a Steering Committee (SC) for the project of local officials, citizens and President of College of St. Joseph to provide direction for the study.  After circulating a Request for Proposals, the City selected a consulting team consisting of Broadreach Planning & Design, Lamoureux & Dickinson, Heritage Landscapes LLC and the University of Vermont Consulting Archeology Program.

The Study Area for this project includes the lands around Dorr Drive from River Street to the College of St. Joseph campus.  The draft final report is ready for review.

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