Shelburne Route 7 Form-Based Zoning

The Town of Shelburne, Vermont is working to develop Form-based Zoning for the Route 7 Corridor north of the LaPlatte River to the Town line.  For the purposes of this project, the Route 7 ‘Corridor’ refers to properties fronting on the Route 7 right-of-way as well as adjacent mixed-use areas.  The process has been underway for several years.  The overall purpose of the project is to advance through local regulations a “vision for change” expressed in the A Vision for 7 report completed for the Town in late 2011  To look at this report or to get more background information on the project, go to the Town’s webpage and click on the “A Vision for 7″ button a little ways down on the right side of the page.  As part of the process of developing the code, the Town is working with a consulting team led by Broadreach Planning & Design with assistance from Howard/Stein-Hudson and Dodson & Flinker Associates (the consulting team).  The consulting team is helping to develop an Illustrative Master Plan and a Regulating Plan as tools aiding the development of the final Form-based Code.  Broadreach Planning & Design, in addition to providing overall project management services, is leading the public involvement efforts.  The various Attachments to the report provide more background information.

The BRPD Team is producing several reports to document the process of developing the code.  The initial report summarizes the efforts behind creating the Illustrative Plan, which will serve as the basis for the features in the new form-based zoning.  BRPD lead a three-day charrette in February, 2014 to refine the vision for Route 7.  The first report presents the results of the initial portions of the work in the form of a draft Illustrative Plan for the Route 7 Corridor.  The final Illustrative Plan will serve as the basis for a more general Regulating Plan, which in turn will serve as the basis and become part of the overall Form-based Code.  While the Town may complete the overall process of developing and adopting the new zoning by the end of 2014, the transformation of the Route 7 corridor itself will be gradual and will take many years.

To review the initial Illustrative Plan report, Click Here.  To look at just the illustrative Plan, Click Here.  To review the detailed information about the Illustrative Plan which is NOT in the report, Click Here.   To review the various attachments, follow the links below.  (Attachments 1, 2 & 3 are currently too big to upload!  we are trying to reduce the file size so we can get them up here)

Attachment 1: Steering Committee Meeting #1 Form-Based Code Presentation

Attachment 2: Charrette Vision Plans

Attachment 3: Charrette Alternate Illustrative Plans

Attachment 4: First Draft Illustrative Plan

Attachment 5: Steering Committee Meeting #4 Draft Illustrative Plan Presentation

Attachment 6: Steering Committee Meetings #1 and #2 Notes

Attachment 7: Charrette Saturday Morning Public Work Session Notes

Attachment 8: Land & Business Owner Interview Notes

Attachment 9: First Visual Preference Survey

Attachment 10: Second Visual Preference Survey


Attachment 12: Charrette Monday Evening Public Work Session Notes