St. Albans Town Conceptual Planning & Feasibility Study for Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities

The Town of St. Albans has been working to enhance bicycling and walking options between the Town’s Educational Center and the Collins Perley Recreation Center for many years.  A feasibility study completed in 2003 was not able to develop a viable link along Fairfax Street.  The Town also envisions a larger network of bicycling and walking facilities throughout the Town and a link between the Educational Center and the Collin Perley Recreation Center.

The Town recently received funding through the State of Vermont Agency of Transportation to look again at the feasibility of creating this desirable bicycling and walking link, looking at a larger Study Area beyond Fairfax Street to increase the possibility of finding a viable option.

The Town organized a Steering Committee for the project of local officials and citizens to provide direction for the study.  After circulating a Request for Proposals, the Town selected a consulting team consisting of Broadreach Planning & Design, Stantec Consulting Service, Heritage Landscapes LLC and the University of Vermont Consulting Archeology Program (the BRPD Team).


To review the draft final report, Click Here.


To see a map showing all of the alternatives that were initially considered, click here.

To see the map of the alternatives under consideration, click here.  A summary of the alternatives will be available for viewing on January 17.

To see Table A-1 which provides information on the initial alternatives, click here.

To see Table A-2 which provides a comparison of the shared use path alternatives, click here.

To see Table A-3 which provides a comparison of the other alternatives, click here.

To view a copy of the Existing Conditions summary, click here.

To view a copy of Attachment 1 to the Existing Conditions summary, the Soils Report, click here.