Sugarbush Access Road Path


The Sugarbush Access Road Path Scoping Study has updated the feasibility of creating a path in the vicinity of the Sugarbush Access Road in the Town of Warren, Vermont. The study area included the land on either side of the road’s right-of-way that might be suitable and appropriate for the location of a path.  The primary study area extended from the western end of Sugarbush Access Road at the intersection with Inferno and Village Roads to the intersection with Eurich Pond Road.  The study also examined the potential for the path in the secondary portion of the study area, along the rest of Sugarbush Access Road, from the Eurich Pond Road intersection to the road’s eastern end at Route 100.  The level of detail accorded the secondary area is slightly less than that provided for the primary Study Area.

The final report, which describes the recommendations for the path, was endorsed by the Warren Selectboard at their February 14, 2017 meeting.  To download the text for the final report, CLICK HERE.  Because of limitation on file size that can be uploaded to this webpage, the figures have been uploaded separately.  To download Figures 1a and 1b, Existing Conditions CLICK HERE.  To download Figures 2 and 3, which contain the recommendations for the primary study area, CLICK HERE.  To download Figure 4, which shows the recommendations for the future phase in the secondary study area, CLICK HERE.

The examination of existing conditions, the first part of the project, was summarized in the Existing Conditions Report, which is Appendix A of the final report. To download the Existing Conditions Report, CLICK HERE. Size limitations required that the figures and appendices be uploaded separately.  To download the figures, CLICK HERE.  To download the historic and archeological reports, CLICK HERE.  To download the other attachments to the Existing Conditions Report, CLICK HERE.

The second part of the project was the development and discussion of alternative ideas for adding the path to the Sugarbush Access Road corridor.  The results are included in a copy of an Alternatives Report.  To get a copy of the report, along with associated tables, which is Appendix B in the final report, CLICK HERE. The figures for the Alternatives Report are presented separately. To see and download a copy of the Initial Alternatives figures for Sugarbush Access Road, CLICK HERE.  To see the final alternative figures, CLICK HERE.

During the development of the Sugarbush Access Road Path Study, the Town decided to add a study of how to best iimprove walking conditions along Inferno Road.  The result is the INFERNO ROAD TRAIL STUDY.  The final report for the Inferno Road Trail Study is Appendix C of the Sugarbush Access Road Final Report.  To download a copy of the Inferno Road Trail Study report, CLICK HERE.