Swanton Route 78 Pedestrian Circulation Review

Route 78 / Missisquoi High School and Middle School Pedestrian Circulation Review 

Swanton, Vermont 

Client:The Northwest Regional Planning Commission & the Town of Swanton, Vermont 

Project: Circulation Assessment 

Project Credits: Jim Donovan, FASLA, Project Manager Broadreach Planning & Design 

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Description: Broadreach Planning & Design provided the Project Manager and principle investigator for a review of pedestrian safety and mobility along Route 78 in Swanton, near the entrance to Missisquoi Valley Middle School and Union High School and the Town of Swanton, Vermont to create safer, more encouraging conditions for students walking to and from the school. The study included not only a review of the current conditions for walking and bicycling to the school, but also suggestions for creating alternate means of providing a more appropriate walking environment, including sidewalks, side shoulders, a separate shared use path, slower vehicle speeds, signage, and traffic calming measures.

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Swanton Rt 781 Swanton Rt 782